About Me and My Dream (100% eyesight)

Тrying on a new hat…

Hello, my name is Max!

I’m 46. And I have high myopia (near-sightedness) of -18 diopters. Yes, it’s not a typo! Minus eighteen.

Also, I have astigmatism (OD -1.25 OS -1.75). And 2 years ago I got presbyopia and diplopia (double vision).

My dream is 100% eyesight

I believe that I can have 100% eyesight. And this is my goal.

Also, I am sure that anybody can cure himself and have perfect eyesight.

A year ago I decided to do Dr Bates exercises every day during the next 10 years and see what happens.

I started this blog to share with nearsighted people my success and failure stories. To inspire and get inspired.

I will test different ethnoscience exercises and home remedies and will report here the results.

Also, I am looking for your support, success stories and information that can help me to achieve my goal ASAP.

Is it too bad to have such high myopia of  -18? How do I live with such nearsightedness?

I live the same way as any healthy person. I wear glasses or contact lenses. I am working on a computer, using a smartphone, watching TV and cinema.

So, life doesn’t end if you have high myopia.

But I am afraid(. When I think about it sometimes I am very afraid to lose my eyesight and become blind.

My nearsighted story

First time I put on glasses when I was 12 and I was a schoolboy. After that my vision has been slowly, but surely getting worse.

They call it progressive myopia. At the age of 16, I had a surgery called collagen scleroplasty of the left eye and when I was 17 I had one more collagen scleroplasty of the right one.

But it didn’t work out and my eyesight continued slowly deteriorating(…

So, when I was 18 an eye surgeon persuaded me and my mother to do another operation: left eye meridian scleroplasty.

And it was one more surgery that didn’t work out!

After that, I decided that I would have surgery never again. Never ever! Even if I have to die.

So, every 2 years I went to an ophthalmologist to get a new glasses prescription with stronger diopters.

I visited all major eye health clinics in Moscow in Russia. I had a few dozens, if not hundreds, eye health examinations with numerous doctors.

All they can do is just to take your money and prescribe a new pair of glasses.

I wonder why do we need this army of doctors if they are so useless?

Slowly by the age of 32, I had high myopia of -12 for my right eye and -9 for my left eye. And by the age of 42, I had myopia of -18 diopters for both eyes.

Since 2016 there is no progression and today I also have the same eyesight (myopia -18 diopters).

I will tell you how I managed to stop myopia progression in coming posts.

More about me

I was born in Russia, but I don’t like my native country. Of course, it’s great, but it’s just not my type. So, now I am a digital nomad, a citizen of the world, a cosmopolite. I’ve been always travelling since 2013 and still looking for a perfect city to live in.